Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunday Sewing

Remember my post about making the Valentine's day pot-holders?  We'll I've almost finished both...but I'm not sure I'll be posting pictures.  This was my first sewing project since I was in middle school, and they didn't turn out as great as I would have liked.  They are still usable, but I probably should have picked a simpler project to start with.  Oh well, maybe when I'm a more seasoned sewer I will come back and make more.  IF my second one turns out better, I may post some pictures.

I definitely didn't let this first project frustrate me, though.  I've already bought a book with all kinds of great ideas.
Now, before you jump to conclusions, Adam and I are NOT expecting!  I was shopping at a cute, local craft store, Fancy Tiger, and asked one of the sales ladies which of their books she would suggest for a beginning sewer- and she said this one was without a doubt one of the best they carried because it had very detailed instructions.  So after browsing through it I realized many of the projects would make great gifts or could be altered a bit for adults.  Project #1 from this book will be a gift, and I'll be sure to post pictures once I can.  I am looking forward to spending most of my Sunday afternoon sewing while watching a great Lifetime movie (as long as football isn't on)- it brings me back to when I was little and my Mom spent her Sunday's sewing while I played with my Barbies.


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  1. My kitchen must drive you crazy!! I keep saying I'm going to throw out all of my plastic "stuff" and start over as I can never find a match for the lid and bowl. MAYBE this will inspire me to finally do it.