Saturday, December 31, 2011

33 weeks

And the 8th month is here!  I can't even believe 2012 begins tomorrow!  It has been quite the year for us and we are so blessed to have our little bundle arriving in just two short months.  We had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas in Colorado.  We were able to catch up on things around the house and enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.

How Far Along: 33 weeks- but picture was taken at 32 weeks
Size of Baby: Imagine a Pineapple- just over 4lbs and 17 inches long
Total Weight Gain: A whopping 25lbs!
Maternity Clothes: Thanks to both my mother and mother-in-law, I will have enough maternity clothes to make it through the rest of this pregnancy.  I love having lots of maternity, ruched t-shirts, because they cover my belly and are good with layering for work and can be casual too.
Sex: Check back in 7 more weeks!
Movement: LOTS....There is a constant bulge on one side of my belly button that is always moving back and forth to either side.  When I went in for my doctor appointment this week I asked the doctor if she would mind feeling the baby to get an idea of his or her position.  So, she proceeded to feel around and said "Wow, that bulge by your belly button is really hard, let's do an ultrasound to see for sure how it's positioned."  I hated to make her do an ultrasound just for that, but I couldn't argue with her.  So, I was able to get another glimpse at the little one, and he or she was head down...with buns of steel- as the doctor said.  That constant bulge is the VERY hard rump.  I'm pretty impressed...either it's a boney butt or the little one has been doing lunges in my belly.  Either way, the position is perfect, just crossing our fingers that the baby will not rotate in the next week, as after week 34 it's unlikely the baby will flop around with the little room he or she will have in there.
Sleep: Really not too bad.  I wake up for nightly bathroom breaks and roll back and forth from side to side to stay comfortable, but it's not terribly uncomfortable to sleep.
What I miss: Being able to easily maneuver myself without feeling like I'll run into ever corner I walk past.  Also, it will be nice to have my mobility back- working out just doesn't seem comfortable to me and hasn't for a while.  When I would use the treadmill, my legs would constantly whack the bottom of my belly, so it becomes uncomfortable quickly.
Cravings: Nothing in particular.  I've eaten more sweets than usual lately, but that's about it.
Symptoms: Heartburn.  It's common for me to have an aching pain at the top of my belly...which I'm attributing to heartburn.  Also, I've had some really harsh round ligament pain in the last couple weeks, especially when I stand quickly or make sudden movements.
What I'm looking forward to: Baby shower in a couple weeks!  Also, looking forward to finishing up our to-do list (making freezer meals, finishing up the nursery, buying any last minute baby items, etc.).  And of course the arrival of the little nugget.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy 2012!  Have a safe NYE!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas in Colorado

With Baby C just under 10 weeks away from making his or her grand entrance into the world, Adam and I will be spending the Christmas Holiday here in Colorado.  This is our fifth year living here, and our first time staying in CO for Christmas.  As it approaches I have mixed feelings about missing the Holiday in Missouri.  Of course I'll miss seeing our families and partaking in the normal Christmas traditions I've had for the last 27 years, but I must admit that I am looking forward to starting our own family traditions as a family of 3 (well almost).  We are lucky enough to have my aunt, uncle and their daughters nearby, so we'll be heading up Christmas evening to spend time with them, but for the rest of the weekend it will be all us, all the time.

Now I'm planning in my head what food I will make over the long weekend.  First up- breakfast on Christmas morning!  Here are some of the DELICIOUS looking things I've found so far.

I've made these a few times and LOVE them.  We've also used sausage chunks instead of bacon.  They are SO easy- can do them on just any normal weekend.

OK, so maybe we'd have to use a much smaller loaf of bread for just the two of us :)

Only 100 calories!

Can you tell I'm craving sweet things right now?  I'm not afraid to admit that the two things I want to try the most are the cinnamon pulls and the pumpkin donuts.  Of course I would add some fruit for some nutritional value, but who wants to search for fruit dish ideas?

Happy planning for your Christmas meals!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nursery: Part 1

We have had so much fun putting together our little one's nursery!  There are many things on our to-do list still, but I hope to slowly share tidbits of the little bean's room.

First, is the baby's quilt, which my Mom (Nonnie to the baby) was nice enough to make us.  It's so perfect, and turned out even better than I imagined! Don't you just love it?!

She made the bumper pads too.  Unfortunately those will have to remain in the closet for a while before we can put them in the crib- but this way you can get the full effect.

Tune in for more updates soon!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

30 weeks and showered with love

I've been missing for a while, but for good reasons.  Believe it or not, life has been crazy busy!  Baby on the way, Thanksgiving, Christmas around the corner, baby classes, work and the list could go on.  But, I think it's about time for an update.  

We made the trek back to MO for the Thanksgiving holiday.  It was so great being able to visit with our families one last time before Baby C arrives.  We spent the first half of our week in Memphis, MO with Adam's parents and then headed down to Jeff City, MO on Thanksgiving day to spend the rest of the week with my family.  As usual, it never seems like we spend an entire week at home, but that's how all vacations are, right?  But, we were able to do lots of fun stuff: get some much needed R&R, visit with lots of family and friends, attend the (possibly last) MU vs. KU football game in K.C., MO, eat lots of wonderful food and have our first baby shower!  Everything was simply perfect, and we couldn't have asked for a better trip.

As always, my camera didn't take as many pictures as I would have hoped :)  It died in the middle of the shower, and I was the smart one that packed the GPS charger instead of the camera charger...oops- it fit, what was I supposed to think?!  But, my cousin, Gretchen, was nice enough to take some great shots at the shower.  

Baby C is beyond blessed to have so many people that already love him or her so much.  Thanks to all our generous friends and family, we now have a full nursery, not to mention a full bookshelf!  Guests were asked to bring a book for the baby, so we now have a wonderful collection for all ages- and we've already read quite a few to the little bean.

After getting back from MO, I had my 28 week doctors appointments (7 months, can you believe it?!).  This appointment included the much anticipated glucose test you hear so many terrible things about and a Rhogam shot.  Maybe it was the anticipation for something completely terrible, but I really didn't think the glucose drink was bad!  I gulped it right down.  I think I'm in the minority on that one- to me it just tasted like sugary, flat orange soda and it didn't have the weird, oily consistency that I thought it might.  And, results came back normal- so no 3 hour glucose test for this gal!  As for the shot, since I have a negative blood type, I'm required to get a shot now and after delivery.  Essentially this will deter the chances of my body fighting off any future pregnancies where the baby may have a positive blood type (most common).  Sort of weird, I know, but nothing scary- it's completely normal.

And now, we are at 30 weeks!  With the seventh month comes more doctor appointments- we're now on a bi-weekly schedule!

How far along: 30 weeks 
Size of baby: Size of a head of cabbage (15.7 inches long and almost 3 lbs) 

Total Weight Gain: 20 lbs!
Maternity Clothes: I've given up on normal, non-maternity clothes!  I literally tried on 3 outfits the other morning before I finally just gave up.  So many shirts are too short or tight.  After that little episode I got online and had yet another maternity shopping spree!
Sex:  60% of you think Baby C is a boy, but it seems like 90% of the people I talk to think it's a little girl.  My gut is still saying girl- but we'll see in 10 weeks if my maternal instinct is reliable. 
Movement: Lots of rolling!  Adam couldn't stop laughing at our birthing class this week because the little one was just jumping around in there!  My stomach was constantly poking in all directions.  So amazing!
Sleep: Starting to go downhill again.  Once I get up for my nightly bathroom run, falling back asleep is tough.
What I miss: Being able to hold off on bathroom breaks.  What makes it even worse is the bathrooms at our work are being renovated, so I have to take the elevator waddle (yes I'm starting to waddle now) down the stairs for my many bathroom trips.  I swear everytime I stand up, I need to go.
Cravings: Nothing really, just any food.
Symptoms: Outside of growing at a much quicker pace, I've really had no major symptoms.  Of course there's the difficulty getting out of bed and chairs, the shortness of breath, and oh the bathroom breaks.

What I’m looking forward to: Finishing our baby to-do list, which seems unending.  There is lots to do in the nursery, thanks to all the wonderful gifts we've received, so I'm very anxious to finish it up.  And I'm looking forward to maternity photos next weekend (did you notice the new, cleaner hair cut).

Thanks for checking in with us, I'll be sure to keep you updated on all the happenings around the Clapp house over the Holidays.  Have a great weekend!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Happenings

We need to catch up on what's been happening around our household the last couple weeks.

Halloween- I wasn't able to put anything together because I tend to procrastinate, but Adam had a very good costume.  Him and his co-workers decided to dress up as the anchor team from Anchorman.  Adam was Brian Fontana (the guy that wears the Sex Panther cologne), and I thought he did an amazing job of putting together a pretty great costume.

Fall Wreath- I decided to make a fall wreath a little too late in the season, but I just finished it.  And honestly, I love it!  It wasn't hard to make, but it did take some time to make all the flowers.  This would be super cute for a winter wreath in all white or maybe silver or blues and white.  Gotta love Pinterest for finding all these great ideas!

24 Weeks

I'm a little late on posting this, but here's our 24 week update!

How far along: 24 weeks 
Size of baby: Size of an eggplant 

Total Weight Gain: Just over 15 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Just went on another maternity clothes shopping spree yesterday.  I've broken down and decided to go all maternity all the way just because its easier and I can count on them fitting until the end.  I still wear my old clothes too, so it's a mix at the moment.  
Sex:  66% of you think Baby C is a boy, but I'm not completely sold!  I go through phases of thinking it's a boy and then that it's a girl.  So this will definitely be a surprise to us all!  Based on the Chinese gender chart which is said to be over 90% accurate, it's a baby girl....we shall see in 16 weeks (15 now)!
Movement: We got a mover and shaker in there.  A little roly poly.
Sleep: It's getting better, but still uncomfortable at times.
What I miss:'s been seven months!  And now I'm starting to miss being able to easily move around.  I'm just glad I drive my husband's Jeep to work everyday rather than our little Honda Civic.
Cravings: Nothing really, just any food.
Symptoms: Slowly starting to feel uncomfortable.  I'm still in the second trimester, but I can feel the third coming on slowly.  But no complaints, just changes!

What I’m looking forward to: Our first baby shower in a few weeks, and finishing up the nursery!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Fever

It's that time of year when I love to eat all things pumpkin. My first pumpkin treat were some Pumpkin cornmeal muffins- which were very yummy.

My most recent discovery.......

Pumpkin Pancakes!  SO delicious- I can't get enough.  I just finished off the first batch for lunch :)  They made this overcast, snowy day so much brighter.  Next on the list- Pumpkin Cupcakes.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lots to Celebrate

Adam and I celebrated my Dad's 50th by going to see one of his favorites in concert~ Mr. Jimmy Buffett.  He's one of my favorites as well, and I'm so glad Adam agreed to go despite the fact that he knew maybe only one of the songs.  He was a good sport, as usual.

Jimmy's performance was everything I expected- high energy, great people watching time and a reminder of the salty ocean breeze and sweet boat drinks.  We had a great time and it would have only been better if my Dad had been able to come and see it with us on his Birthday.

We also attended our last wedding of the year~ at 22 weeks~ and yes, I actually curled my hair and tried something other than the stick straight look.  I don't branch out much with my locks.

I must say this has been the prettiest fall of the five I've seen here in Denver.  My favorite time of the year!  And today is our 3rd Anniversary!  I'm so lucky to have met such a wonderful man that's been able to put up with me all this time.  Patience is definitely a quality I'm glad to have found in my husband.  I can't wait to see what the next 30 years hold, especially the next four months!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Now you see it, Now you don't

You might remember one of my previous posts mentioning our ideas for our new, and I like to think improved, guest bedroom.  Having a two bedroom house and a little one making his or her debut in the next four months or so makes creating a new bedroom space a bit of a challenge.  My major goal was to maintain space in the basement for Baby C to play and sprawl out the many toys and gadgets I'm sure he or she will have, however I wanted to create a private space for all our guests that come to visit.

You'll remember the picture of our most recent shuffle of our downstairs and the not-so-private interim spare bedroom:

Our original plan had been to hang a Murphy Bed on the wall the bed's headboard is on.  We absolutely loved the idea and knew it would save SO much space for playtime and entertaining.  We began the process of purchasing the parts and quickly discovered that the wood necessary to build the bed was well above what we'd anticipated, plus it would be a VERY large project for Adam us.  Luckily my Mom was staying with us when we made this discovery, so we put a new plan in motion- very quickly.  After a trip to Ikea and my Mom's motivation to get the job done before she headed out of town, we got this:



We got a great little sitting room out of it as well.  And if need be, we can move the chairs aside for Baby C to do his or her thing.

Now, all our attention is on the nursery.  We've made lots of progress, but it's still not complete.  I plan to share bits and pieces of what will make up this little room, and then have a  big reveal once it's all in place!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Quick Update on our 20 week appointment

We went in for our last ultrasound of this pregnancy, most likely.  Everything looked absolutely perfect!  Heartbeat was 167 bpms.  We saw lots of things, many of which I couldn't even make out, but it was nice to see the four chambers of the heart, the kidneys, the spine and of course the feet, arms, legs and face.  The little one wouldn't cooperate and give us a good profile picture.  (For simplicity of writing this post, I'm going to refer to the baby as he, as that's what our ultrasound tech warned us she did, and it's easier to write.) He was too busy showing us how flexible he is.  For almost the entire scan Baby C had his legs straight up above his head.  It was so cute.  Whether it's a girl or boy, it's sure to be very flexible.  Then he proceeded to look at us straight on in the ultrasound, so we saw it's little eyes and nose, and he raised up his hand and gave us a wave so we could see all five fingers, and of course his/her legs were up above his/her head the whole time.  It was so funny.  Anyway, maybe this will give you all a little more to go off of when voting on what you think Baby C's sex is.  Look at the right column and you'll see the poll.

Have a great day!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

20 Weeks

We've reached the halfway mark!  And I'm so shocked that it's already here!  We kicked off the 20th week with a trip to Minneapolis for the wedding of one of Adam's good friends.

This was our last out of state wedding for the year, and the last plane trip we'll be taking before Baby C arrives.  I couldn't help but think of that fact the entire trip, especially when we were in the airports.  Gone are the days of speeding through security with my two carry-ons.  Now we'll be lugging a stroller, car seat, breast pump, and just tons more gear.  It will be an eye opener when I have to veer away from the expert traveler lane and move into the family lane.  I will be one of THOSE people that other travelers avoid being behind when they see our load-o-stuff.  And lets not get started on the topic of crying babies on planes, that just stresses me out to think about.  Our first plane trip with baby will be right back to Minneapolis next Spring, and though it will be more of a chore, I can't wait for our first family vacation!

Fall was in full swing in Minneapolis!  The leaves were changing and the weather was cool, just a taste of what's coming our way in the next few days, no more 80 degree temps- which I couldn't be more excited about!

How far along: 20 weeks 
Size of baby: Size of a banana 

Total Weight Gain: Just around 10 lbs
Maternity Clothes: I enjoy shopping, but shopping for clothes is not something I do often.  I usually spend more of my money on house stuff.  Things have changed, though.  It seems now that I make a trip to buy some new clothes about once a week.  Mostly because I'm constantly realizing that things which worked a week or two ago, no longer work.  I really enjoy having maternity pants.  The belly bands are just not working for me any longer.  When I got out of my car to gas up and looked down to see the bottom half of my un-zipped zipper exposed, I knew the bands wouldn't work with jeans anymore.  I still try to steer clear of maternity tops, just because it seems that there are normal tops that still have enough coverage for the belly.  Target has become one of my favorite shopping spots, mostly because they have a maternity section and are so affordable.
Sex:  Check back in 20 weeks!  I'm going to try to start a poll on the blog too, to see if you all think Baby C will be a boy or girl!
Movement: Once I'm settled in and relaxed, I can really feel the baby moving around in there.  Not extremely strong yet, but it's increasing more and more each day.
Sleep: Not spectacular, but I'm coping.
What I miss: I never drank soda pre-pregnancy, but now I seem to always want one.  The occasional trip to Panera is nice though, because they have caffeine free Pepsi :)
Cravings: Nothing really, just any food, oh and the soda.
Symptoms: Besides the large bump, I have been getting more round ligament pain.

What I’m looking forward to: 20 week appointment tomorrow morning!  They won't be revealing the sex, but we will get LOTS of pictures of the little one :).  

We also cleaned out the Nursery this weekend.  I piled into the crib all the clothes and other goodies we have for the baby so far. Thanks to everyone who gave Baby C these wonderful gifts!  

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bowls of Banana Batter

From my last post you'll remember that we had shelves full of ripe, frozen bananas just waiting to be used.  I finally found the time to put them to good use.  Rather than the same old banana bread, I whipped up a couple types of muffins.  There was the option of delicious banana chocolate chip cookies, but I thought I'd be better off sticking to a more healthy recipe, considering we eat a dozen of these in less than a week.

So here's what I made:

Healthy Banana- Blueberry Muffins (222 calories each, 9.2g fat, 4.4g protein, 2.6g fiber)

Zucchini, Banana and Flaxseed Muffins (183 calories each, 2g fat, 5g protein, 3g fiber)
I got these from my go-to magazine for easy, healthy and delicious recipes: Martha Stewart's Everyday Food.

If you have bananas taking over your freezer, I highly suggest giving these muffins a try- they are so worth it!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby on the Brain

It could be the multiple preschool tours, my expanding waistline, our weekend of registering for baby or my Sunday baby project- whatever it is I have constant baby brain.  Understandable for a pregnant lady, but a change none the less.  My normal thoughts and occasional worries have shifted from weekend dinner plans with friends, planning our next vacation and the best wine pairing to the best bottle for a breast-feeding baby, teacher to children ratios and shirts that don't expose the bottom part of my belly.  Oh how things have changed- for the best absolutely- but changes none the less.

I feel like the last couple weeks this baby has had a major growth spurt.  My bump is no longer subtle, and unless I wear a moo-moo, it's obvious.

Ignore my pre-Home Depot look, but this is the most recent picture I have.
You all may not think it's that big, but trust me, when you're looking down on is.  And I've gotten lots of comments from co-workers and friends that I've popped.

Outside of growing, we've been busy planning for baby's arrival.  We've toured three preschools (one more tomorrow) and checked another big to- do off our list: registering.  Both processes have been really fun and one more step closer to meeting the little one.  The preschools are so fun to visit.  I love seeing the little kiddos big eyes when we walk in and watch as they slowly curl up the ends of their mouths once they feel more comfortable with us in the room.  I never realized how crazy some of these places are about registration fees, wait lists and fancy teaching methods....for infants!  But, we've found two that we are really interested in, and both seem to have pretty good chances of having openings when our little one is ready to start.  So, that's a relief.

This weekend I was able to spend some time catching up on some of my sewing projects.  I had a deadline for a shower this coming weekend, so it was good motivation.

Friends of ours are having twin girls in November.  These will be a cute addition to their diaper bag.

And I, of course, stuck to my favorite baby color combo- orange, teal, and mint green.

I've heard burp clothes made from old-fashioned cloth diapers are really great.  I loved being able to create my own with some cute fabrics.  And compared to these cute burp clothes that inspired me, and cost $11 a piece, I'm pretty happy with my $3 burpies.  Warning: If you invite me to a baby shower anytime soon, don't be surprised if your gift includes a few of these. 

I promise my next post will NOT be baby related.  Instead I'm going to find something to do about these:

They seem to take over our freezer quickly.