Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cleanse Day 2 & 3

And the cleanse continues.  The first day was pretty tolerable, but the second is a different story.  Lunch wasn’t too delicious, and dinner was even worse.  We tried a soup this time, Spinach with Dulse flakes (right).  It. was. terrible.  I am far from a picky eater, but this absolutely tasted like warm cardboard and all I wanted to help choke it down was a big piece of crusty bread.  But of course that’s not an option.  By the end of it, I just tipped up the bowl and drank.  And not long after that I went straight to bed.  I was so tired and figured if I went to sleep I would be that much closer to waking up and eating my smoothie- which was very yummy.

Today, Day 3, included much better food and drinks, but my mood wasn’t so great.  Note to self, don’t ever plan a cleanse around your busiest time at work.  Plus, there were bagels sitting in the kitchen at my office nearly all day- so tempting.  My dinner of apple, kale and radish juice was pretty tasty- much better than you would think reading the ingredients.  But I’ve decided including apple in your homemade juices really adds flavor that overpowers the other questionable stuff.  Below is the juicer we just bought, which now occupies our coffee pots old space, plus some.  Adam's first comment after making juice was that the manufacturer doesn't warn you it takes 45 minutes to clean after using.  Luckily he's the juice maker, so I haven't had the pleasure yet.

My weight loss since the start of this cleanse= 4lbs

This may seem a little shocking, but when a body holds toxins all the organs inflame, so with the cleanse this inflammation decreases.  I’m sure my weight will level out and I’m hoping my total loss doesn’t exceed 5lbs.  I’ve also noticed my sinuses are draining, which is a great sign that my immune system is reacting.  What I’m really hoping happens is the build up of toxins around my eyes breaks down and my sight improves- and hopefully the black circles I’ve inherited as well.  Sound crazy?  Well apparently it happens- not often, but I know I wouldn’t complain.  

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