Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cleanse- Week 2

We are so happy to be complete with week two of our cleanse!  While this week was much easier- in terms of the way we feel- we are anxious to be able to get back to our normal eating routines.  Now that doesn't mean we plan to eat whatever we want when this fast is complete, but it will be nice to not feel so confined to the fruits, vegetables, nuts and proteins we’ve been consuming lately. 

I must admit, Adam and I have decided that we will slightly tweak the daily menu for the final week of our cleanse. We both lost more than double the weight that we’d hoped during the first week and a half of this diet, so we’ve decided to add more solid food to our dinners.  Those foods will still be items that are allowed on the Clean diet, but this extra food will keep us at a healthy weight and won’t allow for a lot of fluctuation. 

During the second week I continued to crave starches, and it shocks me that I haven’t had a noodle or piece of bread for two weeks!  That in itself is enough of an accomplishment for me.  But, the foods and liquids that we’ve been eating continue to be very delicious, well besides the terrible beet juice we had a couple nights ago.  I quickly realized how much I don’t like beets.  It made me remember when I was younger, and one of my little brothers would always pile his plate with canned beets from the salad bar.  I’d think that canned beets are much sweeter than real beets, but still to me they have a horrible taste and I can’t believe a little kid would love them so much.

We did cheat a bit last night with a Starbucks run.  We each got a tall (small) drink and mine contained decaf espresso, milk and a little bit of sugar- all of which are definitely not allowed.  But, we figured it wouldn’t hurt us too much. Adam laughed at how guilty I felt on our way there.  I just wasn’t sure we should cheat, but he had a good point- it’s better than getting something at Taco Bell.

And, since we’ve made all our meals for the last two weeks, we decided we deserved a lunch-out.  There is a Garbanzo restaurant near our house, which is a little Mediterranean grill, and we are anxious to get lunch there tomorrow.  Of course we will can the pita bread and rice that comes with the meal, but hummus, grilled chicken and the various salads are definitely allowed.   We haven’t quite agreed on what our first non-cleanse dinner will be, but we’ve definitely been talking about it.  I know for sure one of the first meals I’ll be making is homemade pizza!  Can’t wait!

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