Monday, January 30, 2012

37 Weeks

Can you believe it?  Full Term!!!  Baby C could arrive any day- although I'm not convinced he or she will be making an early debut.  

How Far Along: 37 weeks
Size of Baby: Swiss Chard (think Romaine Lettuce)- just over 6lbs and 19 inches long
Total Weight Gain: 30lbs!
Maternity Clothes: All Maternity- it's just the most comfortable.
Sex: ???? We shall see soon!
Movement: This little one has always been more of a roller and twister, not so much kicking and punching.  But, in the last couple weeks I've definitely noticed a change in the movements.  With such little space in there, he or she just stretches and of course sticks out the booty- which has become his or her favorite move.  Dinner time until bedtime is definitely the most active time for this little bean.
Sleep: Not so bad, believe it or not.  I have to make multiple bathroom trips every night, but unless I have lots on my mind when I lay back down, I usually can fall back asleep.  Thank God!
What I miss: Feeling comfortable.  Walking is awkward with all the added pressure, sitting can become uncomfortable quickly and standing up, bending over or just changing positions is such a chore!
Cravings: Still nothing- any and all food is fine with me.  Looking forward to a big sushi dinner after Baby C arrives!
Symptoms: Heartburn, nausea here and there, no motivation to work (is that a symptom or just being ready for baby?) and of course feeling XXXXL!
What I'm looking forward to: February 17th- if not earlier!  This pregnancy has really been great, and I never have had many complaints.  
Over the last 8 months I've struggled a bit with the idea of losing my baby bump, and that's mostly because I love having the little one with me at all times and feeling him or her move around.  This will be the only time that Baby C can't leave my side, whether he or she wants to or not! As month 9 rolled around, I thought "Oh, this is no big deal, I can deal with this for a few more weeks."  But, as the days pass, I realize why the 9th month is such an important part of the pregnancy- it motivates you for labor and getting the little one out of there!  Everyday Baby C seems to get a bit heavier and makes it a little more difficult for Mama to move around.  So, bring it on- we're ready!

37 week appointment tomorrow!  At the 36 week appointment, the doctor confirmed that the little nugget is head down and every thing's looking healthy!

Soon to come- Our last baby shower and maternity pictures!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Nursery Reveal

It's finally finished!
Crib: Baby Mod brand
Mobile: Made by my Mom and Aunt
Quilt: Made by my Mom
Crib skit: Made it myself
**Bumper pads are off the bed until Baby C is a bit older, but my Mom made them as well and they  are the same fabric as the crib skirt.
Side table:  Was previously painted purple and was in our basement living room- just needed a new coat of paint.
Lamp: Ikea
Picture: Made it myself (more below)
Chair: Received this as a gift for my college graduation.  It's a refurbished rocking chair.
Rug: Hood's (more below)

Changing table: Purchased at a flea market and refinished by my aunt as a gift.
Fabric in frames: Old frames repainted and I wrapped cardboard with colorful fabrics to fill them.
3-D elephant: Gift
Large diaper pin: Rather than spending over $50 on a new one, we found this one at a flea market for 1/2 the price.
Soft baskets hanging from pin: Ikea

Bookcase: Gift from my Mother-in-Law, from Land of Nod
Picture above bookcase: Made by my Mom (more below)
Books: From all our wonderful shower guests

Rug: Carpet squares from Hood's in STL.  We cut the yellow squares in half to change up the pattern a bit.  Love it.
My mom made this very cute canvas.  It's actually pretty simple.   All you need to do is paint the sides of  a canvas from a craft store, find a cute paper and modge podge it on the front of the canvas.  I love all the animal faces on this one.
Another Modge Podge project.  I got this idea from Pinterest.  Simply find a pattern and cut out the pieces in various colorful fabrics.  Paint a canvas.  In this case I decided to buy one long canvas and separate it into 3 parts by painting them alternating colors.  Then, just modge podge your little scene on the canvas.
Perfect spot for all our colorful, homemade burp clothes.
My Mom and Aunt made this adorable mobile.  It is a large lamp shade wrapped in a yellow raw silk  with a  decorative , white trim.  Then add circles of starched, raw silk that are sewn together and then attached to the wire at the top of the lamp shade.  As Baby C grows we can simply cut off the circles that hang too low.

This was such a fun project.  There's still a few things I'd like to do in the room: new curtains (we ran into a hiccup with some we'd bought to hang in the nursery- concrete walls supported by re-bar can be a bear for hanging stuff) and something gender specific to put up behind the crib (maybe Baby's first initial?).  I'm so glad and shocked that we've finally finished this little baby oasis.  It's such a relaxing place to sit and read to the baby right now.  I'm sure soon enough it will be a little bit different, but still very perfect for our little one.

Monday, January 16, 2012

35 weeks and showered with love AGAIN!

It's weekends like these that remind me how lucky Adam and I are.  There are so many wonderful people in our lives and our little peanut is so lucky to be welcomed by them all.  I had a blast on Saturday at a wonderful baby shower thrown by two of our best friends- Amanda and Stephani.  They really outdid themselves, and I loved all the little details that made the shower so much more personal.
Me and the fabulous hostesses
Entry with the Animal Games sheets
The wishes tree and candy favor station.
Candy table and all the WONDERFUL gifts!
Yummy lemon poppyseed cupcakes with raspberry icing courtesy of Mel!  And the Preggo and Non-Preggo punch.
Lovely ladies
Two of my fabulous cousins
All the delicious food!
Gifts, gifts and more gifts!

The adorable soft ring stacker my aunt made Baby C!

The adorable favors- "Bun in the Oven" cinnamon rolls. 
So, as you can see it was an amazing party and it was so great to visit with all my Colorado gals before Baby C arrives.  I can't believe my due date is only 5 weeks away!!!

Oh and I of course forgot to take a picture of just me and Baby C at the shower, but here's one I took the next day in the nursery.

As for the nursery- it's finally complete!  But so I don't overwhelm you with too much in one day, I'll post that tomorrow.  Happy MLK day everyone!