Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Happenings

We need to catch up on what's been happening around our household the last couple weeks.

Halloween- I wasn't able to put anything together because I tend to procrastinate, but Adam had a very good costume.  Him and his co-workers decided to dress up as the anchor team from Anchorman.  Adam was Brian Fontana (the guy that wears the Sex Panther cologne), and I thought he did an amazing job of putting together a pretty great costume.

Fall Wreath- I decided to make a fall wreath a little too late in the season, but I just finished it.  And honestly, I love it!  It wasn't hard to make, but it did take some time to make all the flowers.  This would be super cute for a winter wreath in all white or maybe silver or blues and white.  Gotta love Pinterest for finding all these great ideas!

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