Sunday, October 23, 2011

Now you see it, Now you don't

You might remember one of my previous posts mentioning our ideas for our new, and I like to think improved, guest bedroom.  Having a two bedroom house and a little one making his or her debut in the next four months or so makes creating a new bedroom space a bit of a challenge.  My major goal was to maintain space in the basement for Baby C to play and sprawl out the many toys and gadgets I'm sure he or she will have, however I wanted to create a private space for all our guests that come to visit.

You'll remember the picture of our most recent shuffle of our downstairs and the not-so-private interim spare bedroom:

Our original plan had been to hang a Murphy Bed on the wall the bed's headboard is on.  We absolutely loved the idea and knew it would save SO much space for playtime and entertaining.  We began the process of purchasing the parts and quickly discovered that the wood necessary to build the bed was well above what we'd anticipated, plus it would be a VERY large project for Adam us.  Luckily my Mom was staying with us when we made this discovery, so we put a new plan in motion- very quickly.  After a trip to Ikea and my Mom's motivation to get the job done before she headed out of town, we got this:



We got a great little sitting room out of it as well.  And if need be, we can move the chairs aside for Baby C to do his or her thing.

Now, all our attention is on the nursery.  We've made lots of progress, but it's still not complete.  I plan to share bits and pieces of what will make up this little room, and then have a  big reveal once it's all in place!

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