Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Four Months

Vivian turned 4 months of June 4th.  So, I'm one month late on getting this posted, but better late than never, right?

This was a big month for Vivian.  She really began to show off her little personality and stopped doing the crying for no reason thing.  We've finally fallen into a routine with being back to work.  Listening to other mothers talk, they often mention these books about amazing daily routines for infants and how they change your life.  Personally, I try to avoid books with parental advice.  I'm sure the time will come when I'll find the need for one, but right now we practice trial and error and just learn from her.  Luckily she's a wonderful baby, and it's all her (no work on our end).  She has always been a great sleeper and she's really become a very happy baby.

This month included lots of time outside, first suntan, cute little jumpers, first baseball game, first plane trip, rolling over, chewing (toys, fingers, etc.) and much better control of her head when she's on her tummy.

Her favorite sleeping cute :)

What a fun month!

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