Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

We made our first trip back to Missouri with V a few weeks ago.  It was a week full of Vivian meeting many family members for the first time, swimming, a 10 year high school reunion, celebrating V's 5 month Birthday and her Dad's 30th Birthday and traveling by plane, train AND automobile.

Leaving Denver by Plane.

Modeling her Nonnie's latest crochet project.

Meeting her Great Granny

Modeling yet another project of Nonnie's :)  She's a lucky girl to have a Grandma that keeps her stylish.

Celebrating Adam's 30th

Being such a good girl can really wear you out!

Seeing some of my favorite girls!  It was a much needed reunion and I'm so glad I got to catch up with them!

Meeting her Great Papa for the first time!  Of course he made her all smiles :)

Her first time at one of Mama's favorite places- the Lake!

Vivian's first time swimming!

Her Grandpa Greg caught a fish with his bare hand!  So impressive!

Hanging out with her Great Mema on the dock

She was NOT impressed by this infant life jacket.

 She found plenty of time to sleep on the boat ride.

Morning view from one of my favorite spots.

Still hates the life jacket.

With two of Vivian's Uncles and her Grandpa Greg
(I can just read her mind..."I wonder if I'll ever be as tan as my Grandpa Greg?")

First time in the pool!

Hanging out with her Nonnie at the pool on the 4th of July.....and her 5 month Birthday!

Loves her Uncle Hunter

She's a little flushed from the over 100 degree weather...but had to get her PJ's on for her first train trip! I couldn't help but think of the little kids in the Polar Express with their footed PJ's on...maybe I was just wishing for cooler weather :)

Vivian: "Dad did you see these curtains?!  This train is so crazy!"  On the train back to Denver!

We had such a wonderful visit with friends and family.  Vivian loved meeting all the new people and of course the dogs.  She L.O.V.E.S. watching any and all dogs, especially the little ones that wiggle when they are excited to see her.  

Until next time Missouri!  We'll miss you!


  1. aww shes such a cute little chunkster! i just wanna pinch her cheeks:) & WHERE in the world did you get her adorable bathing suit??

    1. The one strap, coral suit is from Gap and the multi-colored suit is from Gymboree. It's impossible to pass up all the cute baby girl clothes :)