Monday, July 23, 2012

Bringing it back to 1982

My husband, Adam, celebrated his 30th Birthday on July 2nd.  We kicked off this major milestone by bringing it back to the year of his birth- 1982!  We rented a pedal hopper, got decked out in 80's garb and took a ride around the Uptown neighborhood of Denver.
My inspiration for the 80's theme:

The surprised Birthday Boy in his look-a-like outfit (he didn't know about the 80's theme):

Our transportation

I had to make sure we had a picture of the Birthday Boy on board!

80's favors: included all kinds of 80's candy (ring pops, cry baby's, candy buttons, pop rocks and airheads) and 80's shades.  We also made an 80's cocktail for the group: Sprite, grape vodka and lemonade.

 The whole crew ready to take off in the pedal hopper!

Who doesn't love Pop Rocks?!

Looks like he enjoyed himself!

Adam voted these two the best dressed of the group.  Steph was a trooper and wore leg warmers on this 100 degree day and JB...well it's pretty obvious that he went all out.  The most impressive part is he didn't take the wig off until we got back to our house and the party was over.   

And he wore makeup

Party Pics!!!!
(P.S. Do you recognize the glasses around my neck?)


The two newly engaged couples.....awwwwww :)

Fun birthday cake in Adam's favorite flavor- red velvet!

We had an amazing time and are so lucky to have such wonderful friends to celebrate with!  

(Side note:  If you want to plan a theme party, 80s is pretty easy these days with the latest styles including anything highlighter colored, acid washed, and fringed.)

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