Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Roly Poly

These days babies tend to spend most of their "laying down time" on their backs, as a result of all the data and studies out there surrounding SIDS.  Because of this......
- Kids cant hold their heads up for an entire day at school because their necks aren't strong enough, and so they rest their heads on their desktops for a break 
- Little one's get flat spots on their noggins and sometimes have to sleep in interesting positions or wear helmets at night to avoid this
- Rolling over can be difficult and delayed as many babies don't spend much time on their tummies
- Babies scream when you put them on their tummies....for even the shortest time (that was my kid) 

Due to all this, "Tummy Time" is all the hype for the little peanuts.  And let me tell you- at least for Miss Vivian- we had to get real creative in making this time even somewhat enjoyable.  .....on the changing table...on our outstretched legs......on the floor with Mommy and/ or Daddy right in front of her face to somewhat entertain her.....with a pile of toys in front of her......on a Boppy pillow.....laying on our backs with her on our chest.  I mean whatever we could do to keep her even the slightest bit satisfied for one minute was a miracle.  I hate to hear the girl scream, but I definitely don't want her to have to raise her hand in class and ask the teacher if she can rest her neck.   So, after a couple months of the battle, we've finally "trained" her to be happy on her tummy for several minutes.  

And by the way, we were at our hotel in MN in this picture, and she loved this round pillow.  We found her scooting herself backwards while she was on her back and landing on her head (on the bed of course).

And this morning she decided to do her first roll from tummy to back!  Warning: You might want to turn down your volume....I didn't realize how loud I was talking :)

And FYI, before your judge :), she was laying on top of a rug, and she definitely didn't hit her head on the hardwood floor.....but she did get close to the hardwood.

Now to sitting....if we could just get her interested in something other than her feet, she may not do a head dive forward every time she's in her Bumpo chair!

You see the pattern?

I can't believe she's starting to roll over- it happens way too fast!  When I saw her at the daycare last week in a exersaucer/ jumperoo I was slapped back to reality.....this little girl isn't slowing down for anything!

I'll leave you with one of my recent favorites.  I loved to do this as a kid.  It made me feel like I had long hair, and let's face it, Miss V is flat out bald, so it seemed like she loved the feeling as well!

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