Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Six Months

August 4th marked Vivian's 6 month birthday!  I can hardly believe she's halfway to 1 year old and we'll be planning a big Birthday bash in a few short months!!  AHH!  This little girl has changed our lives and we couldn't be happier with all the new adventures she's brought us.  

Vivian's newest interests this month:
**Sleeping on stomach**Eating cereal (and her dad's)**Sitting up on her own**Rolling and rolling**Cleaning the floor with her tummy**Loving every dog she sees**Trying lots of different fruits and veggies**

This little gal began eating cereal about a month ago.  We knew it was time when she reached into her dad's cereal bowl and tried a piece before he even realized it.  Here are some pictures of her first taste of baby food:

She decided it would be easier if she just leaned over as far as she could to get it in her mouth faster.

She doesn't like to waste a drop! 

Oh the beauties of daycare.  Can't be upset about it though because I'm sure she'll give biting a try some day.
We took a weekend trip up to Grand Lake, CO.  It was Vivian's first trip to the mountains and we had a great, little family getaway.

First time putting her toes in the sand.

Our hotel room had a bunk bed and she loved hanging out on the top bunk like a big girl. 

Modeling her new bonnet from Grandma Julie and Grandpa Fred. 

First time eating bananas! 
Reading the newspaper is boring, you have to eat it.

One of her many goofy sleeping positions.

I wanted to do something a little special for her 1/2 Birthday and since she can't dig her hands into a big chocolate cake just yet, I decided to make some "baby pancakes" for her.  I made them with half a mashed banana and pureed sweet potatoes, plus a little rice cereal to thicken them up enough to somewhat stay in a pancake-ish form.  Then I cooked them in a little olive oil.

She loved that we sang "Happy Half Birthday" to her! 
And loved me blowing out her candle before she could grab it. 

 Everyday is so exciting with this little nugget growing to become a little girl.  I have a feeling she'll be crawling any day now.  She is determined to figure it out and just started getting on her hands and knees.  Next step- baby proofing every inch of this house!

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