Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Three Months

Our little Vivian Girl turned 3 months old.....about twelve days ago.  Yes, I'm a little behind.  Life has gotten a bit crazy since I've gone back to work and Viv's started daycare.  But, no excuses!  Here are some of our favorite moments from her third month:
2 month doctors appointment

First time wearing a tank top

First time in the Bumpo seat
Happy Birthday, Mom!
Very happy to celebrate my birthday :)

Getting sleepy

Bottles may be no big thing for many of you...but for this stubborn little thing it was a HUGE accomplishment!
First time wearing jeans!

One of her favorite things is kicking this basket above her changing table.

This was a month of lots of firsts, as you can see, and lot of smiles.  It is so fun getting to know her little personality and watching her make new discoveries.  She's so lovable!   

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