Monday, September 12, 2011

All those little baby things

All those sweet little baby things will quickly take over this little house of ours.  I couldn't be more excited to stock up for the little bean, but at times it feels a bit overwhelming.  Reading safety reviews, researching breast pumps and baby bottles, deciding to diaper with disposables or cloth, choosing the perfect stroller color, figuring out the perfect number of blankets for a February arrival...and SO much more.  Don't get me wrong, I feel so lucky to be making all these decisions whether they be big or small, but sometimes I think I just read too much into the hype of every little necessary (or unnecessary) baby item.

So, I'm bringing it to the blog.  Adam and I will be registering over the weekend and we'd LOVE to have any and all opinions and input from you.  What could you not live without when it comes to baby? What item was really not necessary?  What are you favorite brands for specific baby gear?


  1. I'm so glad to know that you have a blog, Courtney! I'll be an avid reader. We're so curious to know what name you'll wind up choosing. We love the name Charlotte, so I'm thinking we'll be approving of your baby names too (not that it matters).
    And to answer your question, I did a couple blog posts about the things we can't live without:

  2. We absolutely LOVED our Bumbo seat and absolutely ADORED our Bobux leather shoes! (Talk to me before buying them though-there's a trick to it!) There were a lot of other wonderful items but they have since become out-dated since our little ones were teeny! I wish that I would have known about cloth diapering. I have a great friend who swears by it! Not only for the environmental benefit but also for the wallet! She's very passionate about it and has stated on many occasions that you are welcome to email her if you have questions about them. Also - she can help you with regards to what brands work best, how to score them discounted, and the must have list to maintain them in a simple manor. Feel free to let me know if/when you want her email addy and I'll get it right to you! Hope you four are doing well! Love~ Sally