Monday, May 16, 2011

Brighten my Morning

After lots of procrastination, I finally put the final touches on our china cabinet yesterday.  This has been quite a long project- not that it should have been, but turned out that way.  You may remember it from an old post, or maybe from before the big dining room paint took place:

Now, however, it's a huge pop of color that is sure to keep our mornings bright:

Before the door was added

With the door finally added 

Cute purple and gold handle.

I must say, I'm completely shocked at how much I LOVE the color of this piece.  When it was in our garage being painted, I was sure it was too pastel and sunshiny- but, placing it against the warm, gray backdrop in the dining room totally transformed it.  (Note to self: Never doubt my Mom's color suggestions) It is sure to wake me up every morning.

When we originally bought the piece, a large piece of glass filled in the bottom opening in the door, however that only lasted the first few days of our kitchen remodel, when something fell into the glass and completely smashed it.  So, rather than replacing the glass, I decided to take a stab at a linen painting technique and adding it to the door.  I'm not completely sold on it, and wouldn't be surprised if I bring the paint out once more to cover it up soon.  For know, I'm just going to enjoy having another project marked off my to-do list!

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