Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Beach Getaway

This may come to many of you as a surprise (I know it surprised me), but we had our own little beach trip this weekend.  Not quite the beach most of you picture in your minds, but it was only a couple hours from our little Denver home and was a great, short Memorial Day road trip.

It's not often that you can be on a sandy beach and look out into the white, snowcapped mountains.
I didn't realize it was going to have a nice sandy beach like this, so I was really excited that we had Charlotte since she'd never been on a beach before.  She loved it!

Love the chopped off ear look.

The waves and wind weren't cooperating, so we weren't able to take out the canoe.  But, we definitely found a great little beach getaway in Colorado of all places!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day!

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