Friday, May 6, 2011

Wine Finale

Our wine class has come to an end (well it did two weeks ago).  So, I thought I'd share some info from our final lesson: wine pairing.  This is probably the most important part of the class, so it's too bad it couldn't have been part of a few more lessons, but lots of great stuff learned none the less!

Believe it or not, the old combo of chocolate and champagne is terrible!  They are completely different bodies- one light and highly acidic the other rich and heavy- it makes the chocolate taste sour!  Next anniversary, try chocolate and a ruby port instead.

So, what to do with the bubbly?  

Marilyn had it right in "7 Year Itch" when she combined the two: Champagne and potato chips.  The acid in the wine cuts through the oil from the potatoes, plus the starch of the spud draws your attention the sparkling wine's bubbly trait.

Now for meat and wine combinations:

Oaked Chardonnay + Alfredo sauce= delish (just think they both have buttery, creamy flavors)
Smoked Ham (or smoked meat, bbq) + Shiraz= yummy (sorry a little late on the Easter wine o' choice)
Pinot Noir + Big Juicy Steak= Not so great (all you would taste is the heavy steak, and the Pinot would be a waste)
Pinot Noir + Chicken or Pork Chops= Bingo
That leftover Big Juicy Steak + Cabernet Sauvignon= Party in your mouth (probably the most obvious, but you need a full bodied match for these two rich selections)

Hopefully this will help with your next dinner party.  Our mission to learn about wines was a complete success.  I looked so forward to Thursday every week for months, and it's come to a bittersweet end.  While I'll miss seeing all their beautiful faces every week, it will be nice to have our nights back to relax, catch up on reading and enjoy the warm summer nights that are quickly approaching.

Hope you all enjoyed my insight and were able to try a few of the bottles I suggested.  I never plan to study wines any more than I did the last few months, but it's so fun to try new bottles- and I'll no longer be the gal that plays it safe with the same old brand of Shiraz.

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