Sunday, March 17, 2013

A First Birthday Party

Just 5 weeks ago (I know it's terribly delayed) we celebrated Vivian's First Birthday with friends and family.  It was a cozy event in our small little house on a cold day, and despite Vivian's lack of sleep that entire weekend, she was on her best behavior.  She really loved having friends over to play and enjoy some of her favorite things.

The "theme" of Vivian's First Birthday Party was all her favorite things.
We served adult versions of the things she loves.  My uncle was so generous and created the two signs you see throughout the pictures.  I didn't get too into the decorations since our house is so small, I figured nobody would even notice them with a full house.  But the food was a hit.  Here was the menu, with her favorite things in caps:
HAM sandwiches
PUFFS spinach and artichoke puff pastries
APPLE chutney, cheese and crackers
PEEK-A-BOO peppermint cookies

Here are the ladies that really helped to pull it off.

Birthday Girl being entertained by Cousin Molly before the guests arrived!

Showing off her Birthday Dress and her walking toy.....and no she's not walking just yet.  Getting closer, but not quite ready to let go yet.

The "Thank You" table, which included two of Vivian's favorite things....hershey KISSES and BATHS salt

Then it was time for cake...patiently waiting...

The end result before the much needed bath....

Vivian hit the birthday jackpot and received tons of wonderful things.

It all resulted in a very tired girl.

She enjoyed riding her wagon the next day with all the party trash...actually a nice perk for her Dad :)

Vivian has grown to be quite the sassy, stubborn, sweet, outgoing, happy, vocal, hilarious little girl. We love laughing all the things she does and the personality that continues to emerge.  She continues to call EVERYTHING a dog (her words come and more "Hi," but lots of "Bye Bye's" and the much awaited "Mama" and "Dada" have been brought up once in a while, but nothing like "DOG"), she's found her belly button and loves winking.  What a year it's been!  The best one yet!

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  1. You are so creative, Courtney! The pics are adorable, and it goes without saying, but you are so beautiful. What a gorgeous family! (Sorry, I'm sappier now that I've had a baby)