Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Where have you been?

(Sorry, I'm just finding that this post never got posted.....meant to post it in early February)

Well, more like where have I been?!  I'm not going to make excuses.  I've been thinking of you all and often think as I'm driving to work how much I need to get on here and update you all on our lives.  So here's a few snapshots from our lives in the last two months.......

This blog should probably be called VRCentral, since obviously that's about all I share.  But, honestly the camera rarely gets turned around.  Plus, you've all seen me plenty, this little girl on the other hand has lots of adventures to share these days.  She's not walking quite yet, as crawling seems to get her around fast enough.  As you can see she's taken on a new hobby of hair design.  If you need a product that provides hold and a crusty texture, please message me and I'll tell you her secret...perk, it's all natural :)

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