Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shower #3!

Adam and I celebrated Baby C with our church friends a couple weeks ago at a shower they were nice enough to throw for us.  It was such a blast!  The games were fun and goofy, perfect for a shower with men, women and children.  We really enjoyed ourselves and the time we could spend with our friends before the little one's arrival.

This game was the best part of the whole shower.  It's called "Munchkin Bustin.'"  What happens is before the game starts every one votes on the child that would be the most difficult to wrangle and change into PJ's and then the guy that would be the best at wrangling and changing the child.  So, based on that the best wrangler and hardest child to dress are paired up and it goes down the line to worst wrangler and easiest to dress.  Then the game begins and everyone is timed, the first one to change into PJ's is the winner.

It was really funny to watch Adam, because he really hasn't been around babies at all.  So, he was very careful in taking Cheyenne out of the jumper she was playing in and delicately laying her on the floor.  Then he gained some speed while taking off her overalls and shirt....but then came the onesie.  He COULD NOT figure it out!  He was looking everywhere for how to detach the thing from the baby.  Finally I had to give him a clue and he found the snaps at the bottom.  All the gals got a good kick out of that.  He ended up coming in second to last, and I must say I was impressed with that. 

So, as you can see, the shower was a big success and we are so thankful for our Church family!  I'm sure they'll be getting lots of interesting parenting questions from the Clapp's over the next several months :)

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