Sunday, August 21, 2011

Babifying this old house and the last few months

Quick recap of what you've missed the last few months:

In July we were lucky enough to have two sets of our parents visit us in Colorado.  
We got some use out of Adam's canoe on the lake in Evergreen.

Then my Mom, Stepdad, brother and us spent a night camping.

 We rode the light rail downtown for a Rockies game.

We celebrated Adam's 29th Birthday.

We finally got our new and improved backyard.  It's been so great and we've enjoyed it most of the summer.


Adam got a hammock for his birthday, and he built these stone paths in our backyard.

And, of course we told the happy new grandparents our news.  Unfortunately only four were there to hear the announcement in person, but it was an exciting day for everyone!

One of my besties tied the knot.  It was a gorgeous weekend, and of course I didn't take nearly enough pictures to document the weekend, but here are a few.


Now we are back at home, and made some progress on Babifying our house.  The Nursery started as this: 

We still have lots of work to do, but cleaning it out and moving our spare room downstairs is a big step.  

On my first trip to our new Ikea in Denver I bought a curtain holder to create a room divider for this room.  And, in order to create more space for our rugrat in the making, we are going to take the bed off the floor to create more floor room.  Adam's agreed to take a stab at building a Murphy Bed, and I'm hoping it isn't much harder than the Do It Yourself Magazine makes it sound.

I always think back to Uncle Jesse's fancy bed from full house that would slowly fold out of the wall with a simple push of a button.  Ours won't be nearly as fancy, but it will be the ultimate space-saver in our house, and has already created a very cozy living room.

 Right now Adam is re-attaching the vent in the Nursery that suddenly stopped working after our kitchen remodel.  So much more to do, but we've taken the first few baby steps :)

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