Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hello April!

One of my favorite months!  I think it's the switch to warmer weather and seeing all the flowers bloom, or maybe it's just because it's my Birthday month.  Either, way I'm so glad it's here.

Adam and I have been busy lately and have so much to share.

FLORIDA: Our long weekend to Florida to visit my grandparents was absolutely perfect.  We had time to relax, enjoy the wonderful weather (no rain while we were there) and eats LOTS of great seafood.  Adam was able to fish, golf and hit the beach; and I was able to read, relax and catch up with my Grandma.

My Grandpa kept up with us the whole time, as usual.  We helped him buy a camera and taught him how to use it with his computer.  He's taking computer classes now, and talked about them the whole time- how cute is that? 

We were able to go out on my Grandparent's friends Troller our last day there.  It was so relaxing and a gorgeous day to be on the water.

Such a great trip and we're so lucky to have family that lives in such a great vacation spot.

Our Backyard:  Landscaping is our big project this summer.  Last night it looked like this:

And when I got home from work, it looked like this:

FINALLY, we were able to open up the yard by removing a tree that took up good space, and now it will be more open and grass will grow MUCH better.  Stump to be removed tomorrow.

 Adam was so worried they would cut the wrong one down.

I don't think Charlotte noticed the change, but she did enjoy playing in the left over woodchips.

So far April's been a great month!

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