Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Recent Obsession


When it comes to my house, I feel like I have ADD.  I cannot think only of the project at hand, rather I'm moving on to the next thing I want to do.  I promised a week or two ago that I would post pictures of the dining room....however we had a bit of a door fiasco this weekend so it's not completely wrapped up.  They're ready to hang- we just need to do it.  I promise they'll be up this weekend though!

But this is an example of my attention problem.  Rather than forcing  asking Adam to help me with hanging, I scour the internet for art and wall decor.  Looking around our house, especially the basement, the walls are bare.  Art is known to be pretty pricey, so I'm always looking for new ideas for framed pictures and other interesting pieces. 

Currently I'm working on finishing up a couple stenciled pictures and canvases.....
You could probably guess which one we'll hang in our kitchen, and which one will grace the bare wall of our bedroom.  Pictures to come soon...promise.  Stencils are from stencilplanet.com.

One other idea I found to fill up some empty space in our basement is a vintage map of our travels across the U.S.
We love to travel, so I think it's a neat idea to add push pins to all the spots we've lived and traveled to together.  The map came in the mail yesterday, now just need to find a cork board and frame.

Some other great finds I found on Etsy: (Don't mind my crazy placement of all these pictures, I still have no idea how to place my pictures the way I want on this thing!)

"Home is where the heart is," but  Denver, CO of course!
Comes in various sizes.

"Keep it Simple Circle"- would look great in a
simple frame.  I love the linen background and it is roughly 8x11.

Mad Men Picture- love the show and I think
it would be great in guys office.  Comes in
a variety of colors.

Giclee cirles- 11x14 print.

Mid-Centry Bird Poster 18x24- currently on sale
for $17.50

Another Mid-Century Bird Poster on sale
for $17.50
I think the Bird posters would be so cute framed in a nice, thick poster frame for a kids room. 

Now back to work so I can pay for this crazy hobby of mine!

Post on last week's wine night, soon to come!

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